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Measurement Techniques, Inc. is a leading supplier of high performance network performance enhancement solutions. Its Shared LAN Cache products have been proven to provide users with dramatically increased network performance, cost savings and increased productivity. This site provides detailed information about MTI's Shared LAN Cache and LANTest software products and offers copies of both offerings that can be downloaded at no charge.

MTI has released version 1.51 of Shared LAN Cache. This version adds enhanced caching to Windows NT and numerous other enhancements! Download a copy now!

Code Partner Download Shared LAN Cache to resolve the performance issues of having PowerBuilder applications and forms loaded on file servers. Network administrators no longer have to copy PowerBuilder forms and applications to individual PCs to get faster response. Forms and applications are automatically cached by SLC's non-volatile cache.

[Press Release Icon] Press releases, product reviews, white papers and other published articles about Shared LAN Cache and related network performance enhancement technologies.
[SLC Icon] Shared LAN Cache (SLC) is a LAN caching product that dramatically improves PC performance over existing LANs and WANs. SLC boosts the performance of networks by caching repetitive requests for data to non-volatile local and shared caches. SLC requires no changes to existing file servers and is compatible with NetWare, NT, NFS, LAN Manager, Vines and PathWorks clients.
[LANTest Icon] LANTest benchmark software isolates performance bottlenecks on LANs and WANs. LANTest takes a workstation centric view of the LAN and provides the user with a logical method for improving LAN performance.

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