Stoughton, MA -- April 14, 1998, -- Measurement Techniques, Inc., the leader in network caching, has just been awarded U.S. Patent #5,740,370 on their non-volatile caching technology. This low latency approach to maintaining cache coherency provides the highest possible performance for applications and forms stored on central file servers. The company has additional patents pending on other advanced caching, compression and acceleration technologies.

"Caching is getting a lot of attention today as a cost-effective way to extend the life of existing networks," said Clinton Battersby, president of Measurement Techniques, Inc. "Caching large Windows applications and forms stored on file servers provides the quick response that end users want without having to install and maintain these files on each desktop."

MTIís patented Shared LAN Cache (SLC) technology enables IS managers to separate the architectural issues of software deployment from performance concerns. SLC improves network performance and off-loads file servers by automatically storing recently accessed files in a combination of local and shared persistent caches.

Both the local cache of the SLC Client and the shared cache of the optional SLC Server incorporate persistent caching to eliminate redundant read requests over the network. While most caches in use today are volatile, losing their contents when power is shut down, data in SLC's persistent cache is retained and is available immediately when power is restored.

Shared LAN Cache products are NOS (Network Operating System) independent and compatible with all network operating systems including NetWare, NT, OS/2, LAN Manager, NFS, Vines and PathWorks. Native versions of SLC are available for the entire line of Microsoft Windows clients including 3.1, 95, 98, NT 3.51 & NT 4.

SLC Client software is licensed per user and is priced at $5000 for a 100 user license with volume pricing available. The SLC Server is packaged as a Windows NT Service and begins at $1,750 for 25 users.


Measurement Techniques, Inc., headquartered in Stoughton, Massachusetts, is a privately funded corporation and the leading supplier of high performance network acceleration products. For more information about Measurement Techniques or Shared LAN Cache, visit http://www.lancache.com on the World Wide Web.



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